24 / 7 Constant Support

World Guardian Security Services | WGSS | provides excellence and quality security service 24/7. We operate a 24/7 constant support communications center in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding arias.

With many years of experience, World guardian security services pride itself on the expertise, competence, ethics, and commitment to satisfying our customers. As a trusty leader within the security trade, world guardian security services is aware of what keeps our customers happy.






World Guardian Security Services call center is operated 24/7 by our team of trained professionals who are committed to provide excellence in security services. Our Communication Officers are on the desk to co-ordinate all activities pertaining to our Clients premises ensuring excellence in communications with World Guardian Security, Clients and our Patrol Drivers whilst investigating security activation's.


In addition, WGSS Security has committed Duty Managers operating 24/7 supported by our fleet of Patrol Vehicles operating in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding arias. WGSS keeps growing by providing our customers with services they need and the customer service they deserve in a timely manner.


We understand that our company will continue to strive and grow when our customers are happy. We send our most qualified security guards to keep your property and business safe. We can also engage our services by requesting for our security management experts to bulk up your current safety protocols in an effort to make your loved ones, employees, and transactions as safe as possible 24/7. With vast experience, we have gathered over the years, we recognized the actual need of the client and help them to provide relevant solutions.


Our operation follows 24 hour trained delegated security officers (day shift and/or night shift) on a permanent or temporary basis, uniformed or plain clothed officers, functioning as residential, commercial or industrial guards. Our guards officials constantly keep monitoring the areas and property for 7 days a week or 365 days so that you can sleep without any fear.


Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality security services at the most competitive rates.


You can always rely on our request 24/7 immediate response and back-up to World Guardian operating signal that follows with regular supervisory visits by operational management and on-site risk assessment to assist security officer in performing duties most effectively. Our uniformed men or women are designated to their posts during a working day.


Our security system monitors the housing complex; commercial building; institutions; shops and malls for 24/7 on regular basis. These monitors function by holding trespassers, inspecting the lock of the door and window, fire alarm, CCTV cameras and fire extinguisher.


As part of our duties as a qualified and professional security company, our security experts will also log visitors in and out, carry out vehicle checks or do any security related task as required. You will find our team available 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week.


We provide quality support 24 hours, seven days of the week. We are actually here to make you feel most comfortable and put smile on your face, whether home or at work. Your call will not go unanswered. Our customer service team is something we are proud of, you can get in touch with us regardless of the time you are calling, or location in Edmonton city.


Our offices are manned around the clock with customer service representatives for your convenience. We are here anytime you need us. Our mission is to keep you safe around the clock.

24 / 7 Support

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Why Choose Us?

World Guardian Security Services is one of the top owned security companies with locally responsive offices throughout Edmonton city. WGSS was founded in YEAR with passion of delivering world-class security solutions to Edmonton City. With many years of experience, we have been providing quality and consistent security services across a portfolio of businesses.

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