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For financial institutions, security is a necessity. Banks work with large sums of physical money, every day, making the banking sector vulnerable to theft, vandalism and equipment malfunctions

With many years of experience, World guardian security services pride itself on the expertise, competence, ethics, and commitment to satisfying our customers. As a trusty leader within the security trade, world guardian security services is aware of what keeps our customers happy.






For financial institutions, security is a necessity. Banks work with large sums of physical money, every day, making the banking sector vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and equipment malfunctions. Our Bank security guards at World Guardian Security carry out the protection of your Bank at all times. As an Alberta based Edmonton city security guard, World Guardian specializes in providing reliable bank security services.

Banks need high-quality security. A good security guard company like World Guardian would be able to deliver complete and precise security solutions that perfectly meet the needs of your property. Our company has been delivering on her promise of providing security guards for clients over the years. We have established our reputation in this business and have always received all our clients' commendation and satisfaction.

Banking institutions are always a high risk when it comes to vandalism, thefts, and robberies. Regardless of the size, the only way that banks can maintain the security of the money, valuables, and the safety of bank employees and account holders is to hire a professional security guard company and install advanced surveillance systems. Our guards are fully trained to protect your bank premises from all kinds of danger. We armed them with proper weapons to defend and apprehend attackers. They are also trained to protect the bank premises along with your employees.

At World Guardian, we have put in place a reliable system and experienced security personnel that will prevent miscreants, thieves, and other criminals. Besides, World Guardian guards can handle access control systems that help ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas of the property. This goes a long way in maintaining high levels of security in a bank.

World Guardian security guards are meticulously trained for securitizing different premises and helping customers when required. The banking institutional system now requires slightly more trained and educated security services. We deploy higher level, competent guards at such levels. Our guards are also professional and do not indulge in the abrupt activity. They have all gone through background verification to ensure that no suspicious person can endanger the security of your bank.


Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality security services at the most competitive rates.

World Guardian Security is one of the fast-growing bank security guard companies serving Edmonton city, Alberta province. We provide comprehensive security solution packages comprising armed security officers, unarmed security officers, perimeter surveillance, access control, and more. With our vast experience, you can leverage our expertise to develop, implement, and administer all aspects of a bank security and safety program. Being able to administer security devices and settings at bank facilities, we identify and analyze security risks and provide security and safety training and support to all bank officials and employees.

We are well equipped at World Guardian Security with the state of the art automated systems and innovative technology that helps us monitor and supervise our guards’ performance and establish effective communication management. Our managers and supervisors utilize an online management reporting system that delivers efficient and access to timely reports and concerns, including parking enforcement, maintenance, and safety issues.

When you choose to engage the services of WGSS, you can rest assured that we will provide:

  • Customized back security solutions
  • Personalized attention
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Highly trained and experienced security guards
  • Competitive pricing to help your business

Our bank security guard services, including:

  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Access control
  • Mobile patrol
  • Parking lot security
  • 24-hour watch
  • Scheduled after hour patrols
  • Emergency response and planning

World Guardian Security is a sort-after bank security solution company that possesses highly specific knowledge of financial institution security requirements and will work closely with the top management executives of institutions to evaluate the current security measures, locate potential inadequacy in the system and provide a top-notch strategy that follows institution guidelines while delivering on the kind of defense that ensures the future of your financial operations.

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World Guardian Security Services is one of the top owned security companies with locally responsive offices throughout Edmonton city. WGSS was founded in YEAR with passion of delivering world-class security solutions to Edmonton City. With many years of experience, we have been providing quality and consistent security services across a portfolio of businesses.

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