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Construction sites face many serious security challenges because of the significant quantity of materials and equipment and the large amounts of space that must be secured. Many criminals see construction sites as the perfect place to steal valuable tools, construction equipment to be resold later. Buildings under construction are also often valuable targets for job site theft and vandalism.   At a construction site, there may be multiple entry points, building materials and equipment flowing in and out with workers, contractors, and delivery people coming and going on a continuous basis, therefore, you must keep valuables like tools, equipment, and personnel secure with our commissioned, licensed, bonded and insured World Guardian security guards.   Unsurprisingly, thefts at construction sites can occur during the day and at night but are more likely to occur at night when construction workers are gone and when visibility is low.    Our construction site security specialists are here to keep an eye on your valuables and help you protect your site from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft—both internal and external. Construction sites must be constantly protected, using a combination of physical security guards and an electronic system equipped with alarms and cameras to deter or catch trespassers.   World Guardian Security Services construction site security keeps your assets safe, and secured, thereby you enjoying peace of mind. With our extensive past experience in the security industry, we have technology innovations to match your needs with equipment like alarm monitoring, drive-by patrol services, alarm response, on-site security, and more.   Our GPS technology allows us to monitor where our patrol staff and vehicles are on the construction site at all times. World Guardian Security Services offers companies 24-hour construction site security. Our dedication is to see the best security services delivered with a solution designed to meet your exact needs.


Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality security services at the most competitive rates.


With increased vulnerability and attacks around construction sites, you need the services of a motivated, dedicated, and customer-focused security company that can deliver a rapid and effective response to security breaches.   We offer services tailored to meet your project's specific requirements in addition to providing around the clock monitoring to ensure no significant losses occur. We develop and implement security plans that provide the most effective solutions for your needs and get your construction job done according to schedule and budget.   Our construction site security services cover:
  • Security technology solutions for 24/7 CCTV surveillance and remote video monitoring
  • Controlled visitors access
  • Common sense deterrents like perimeter fencing, elimination of unnecessary access points, facility lighting for overnight hours, and secure storage practices
  • Mobile patrols
  • Fire watch services
  • Armed and unarmed security officers
  • Daily activity reports
  • Guard tracking systems
You can depend on WGSS security guards for all construction site security-related matters and have the assurance that we will handle every security issue in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Taking risks may be dangerous, invest in quality construction site security from World Guardian to provide protection for your equipment, property, staff, and more.

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