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World Guardian Security Services specializing in providing a dedicated neighborhood patrol security services. WGSS security has the experience, work force and technology to deliver an exceptional and the finest security services available

With many years of experience, World guardian security services pride itself on the expertise, competence, ethics, and commitment to satisfying our customers. As a trusty leader within the security trade, world guardian security services is aware of what keeps our customers happy.






World Guardian Security Services specializing in providing a dedicated neighborhood patrol security services. WGSS security has the experience, work force and technology to deliver an exceptional and the finest security services available. Across the Edmonton city of Alberta province, our effective neighborhood patrol services are becoming the popular choice for residential and commercial properties at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget.


With the presence of our dedicated patrol guards, World Guardian Security Services has among the highest visibility rates of the entire Edmonton city. Whether riding along residential neighborhood streets, or quietly stationed in shopping mall parking lots, World Guardian patrol cars provide maximum vigilance and crime deterrence. Our neighborhood patrol security services can be scheduled to be conducted at any frequency and for any time you need. Whether once or twice a week, twice a month, every day, every night, on the weekends, temporarily or permanently, even on demand whenever you need them. Our neighborhood patrol security services are designed to meet your requests.


For residential properties, our experienced patrols provide unequalled home watch and property check services as well as mobile patrol services for private neighborhoods, beaches and associations. In addition to safeguarding entire neighborhood, our mobile patrols carries out maintenance and security inspections can take care of your regular needs. For commercial properties, our mobile security patrols can provide an effective safety, security and surveillance strategy that fit your budget than a full time on-site security guard.


All World Guardian Security neighborhood patrol agents will monitor your property (external) and any goods, equipment, vehicles, as well as observe and report on any suspicious persons, activity or incidents in the area. They provide crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws. In the case of any security challenges, the patrol agent will contact the necessary local emergency services as well as the property manager or owner.


Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality security services at the most competitive rates.


Our neighborhood patrol security services continue to be on the forefront with the availability of latest technology that make our clients get real time information through our automated reporting system. You can access our real time reporting and records easily, check the status of your assets, and our mobile patrol services are all tracked and reported through our innovative security patrol software. As part of our patrol services, World Guardian Security can provide your neighbourhood with a wide range of security solutions that includes alarm response. Alarm monitoring is one of the most effective deterrents of burglars. Our Alarm Response will provide a security inspection of the homes with the homeowners after an alarm incident.


Our dedicated neighborhood patrol service guards are competent, and highly trained. Many of our guards have relevant experience and background in police and military services. They undergo continuous and updated training pertaining to Alberta laws and community involvement.


The presence of our patrol service security officers in your neighborhood helps reduce to the minimum and help prevent residential/vehicle burglaries and thefts dramatically. They are responsive, dedicated, and will provide personalized service to meet your security requirements. Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding cities residents may contact the patrol officer to report suspicious activity. Neighbourhood that is protected is a neighbourhood that is safe and a great place to raise your family.

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World Guardian Security Services is one of the top owned security companies with locally responsive offices throughout Edmonton city. WGSS was founded in YEAR with passion of delivering world-class security solutions to Edmonton City. With many years of experience, we have been providing quality and consistent security services across a portfolio of businesses.

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