Traffic Control Services

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World Guardian Security provides traffic control services for Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding arias in Alberta province. We offer a complete traffic control services. Our comprehensive traffic control services cover planning and implementation of traffic management strategies for construction, commercial, industrial, government, and entertainment & event industries. Safety is utmost important and we ensure we get it!


WGSS Traffic Control Services are available 24/7. Having World Guardian as your partner ensure full protection of your work zone with full range of temporary traffic control and flagging services. From simple one-lane flagging operations, to interstate closures, our highly trained traffic control personnel arrive at the work site fully equipped to take charge of the traffic and set up a free workzone. It’s time to protect your work zone! Through effective training, World Guardian staff is taught how to communicate with other team members, our clients, and the public to ensure highly efficient work zones are set up and maintained throughout the workday.


At World Guardian, we offer reliable road flagging and traffic control services to meet all your needs, such as around construction sites, during special events, or when there is major flooding on roads. This service is customized with the engagement of our large pool of road flaggers who are well trained and equipped to facilitate movement and ensure the safety of both your employees and drivers passing through. As part of our traffic control system, World Guardian also offers temporary traffic control for railway traffic, including freight, commuter, and transit rail networks.


Having gone through extensive training programs before working in the field, throughout their service, our traffic control officers not only meet the local authority standards for traffic control but also exceed them. As part of our control service, our specialists are also trained in safety procedure. World Guardian Security also employs the best and most knowledgeable supervisors in the industry to ensure our officers are well coordinated. Our traffic control officers have years of experience maintaining all types of Traffic Control at jobsites large and small.


Guaranteed your safety with highly trained manpower. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality security services at the most competitive rates.


With a team of experts ready to provide good job, World Guardian Security is ready to handle every situation. As a leader in traffic control services, we have the expertise and technology to ensure the success of your operations. Our crews have the unflagging dedication necessary to maximize roadside safety. We offer round-the-clock services covering both any road, and your projects benefit from authorized signage plans and top-of-the-line road-flagging equipment. We take a custom-made approach that takes the safety of your workers important, as well as those passing through, whether on foot or in vehicles.


Whether you need a traffic control flagger to keep your work zone safe or a design and file traffic control plan for a time-sensitive project, World Guardian Security is a reliable partner in traffic control service. Using the latest technology, training and skills, our team knows how to install safe, complaint work zones that optimize traffic flow for all road users.


We respond to emergencies within 2 hours or less, anywhere within Alberta and Edmonton city. With fully-equipped central offices strategically located throughout Edmonton city, World Guardian’s highly trained workforce respond promptly to any job any time. You can call us for any emergency traffic control service such as:


  • Emergency
  • Storm Restoration and Cleanup
  • Site Security
  • Snow and Ice Storms
  • Water Main Breaks
  • Gas Leaks
  • Power Outages
  • Flooding
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Security at job sites for protection and safety of work crews
  • Environmental spill response and cleanup


In addition to our wide range of traffic control service, we harmonize with local and state law enforcement agencies to provide reliable security services. For World Guardian Security to provide great traffic control service, we require at least 72 hours advance notice in order to properly organize between the the client needs and the local law enforcement. Our team of experienced officers will design a traffic control plan unique to your needs to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient traffic flow, to, from, and around your event.

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